The Fuckening

We’ve all seen the memes about “The Fuc*ening”—when your day is going too well and you don’t trust it and some shit finally goes down. Ah, there it is: The Fuc*ening.

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We were inspired by this sentiment and thus have heeded the call to create an anthology that embodies The Fuc*ening.

Featuring work from Margret Treiber, Linda McMullen, Charlie Fish, Lisa Gregoire, Buzz Dixon, Andrew Hughes, David F. Shultz, Kris Ashton, Louise Beech & Christopher Miller, Ken Goldman, G. D. Deckard, Adam Breckenridge, K. G. Delmare, Bill McCormick, Robert Bose, Christopher Clauss, N. S. Reiss, Jude Matulich-Hall, Art Lasky, R. Y. Bai, Edgar Scott, D. P. Blanchard, and Rowan Hill.